PASS Consulting

New dimension in area of scouting, analysis and work with transfer market

Qualitative scouting should be
What is qualitative approach in scouting?
Professionals with competence are running the process
Any piece of information should be considered
Details matter
We are precisely aware of your needs


Our team is a mix of professionals with different backgrounds. All scouts went through PASS Education program. Some of them have experience as goalkeeper coaches or conditioning coaches
Services that we provide
General scouting for your club
Professionals with competence are running the process
Analysis of particular markets
Full coverage of some specific markets, that you would like to prioritize
Scouting of coaches for particular game model
Meet the need of the search of the Head coach for particular conditions and game style
Analysis of options
that arrive to the club
We give a detailed and unbiased opinion in the way of report about the players, that you want us to analyze

Why PASS consulting

Methodology of work
Unique expertise in game understanding helps us to find best players
Our team consists of professional scouts with different backgrounds. Also, we maintain network of local scouts in different parts of the world
Financial prudence
For price of one scout the club can get a team of scouts working exclusively for you
*We don’t work with clubs from same division at the same time
Analysis of one particular market
Exclusive work in Brazil for your club
3-4 scouts working exclusively for your club
We make proactive scouting
We check options, that arrive from outside
PASS Scouting is a full-fledged outsourced department of your club
We provide scouting of coaches
We make certain amount of videoanalytical videos
Plus everything, that had been mentioned before
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